This stylish contemporary door design in its simplicity paves the way for fresh ideas with the use of v-groove lines in our flush doors. This door design influenced by art deco is ideally suited with both streamlined and stylish contemporary interior home and office designs.



Door design is also available in half hour fire rated (fd30). We can offer door prehung in frame with locks and architraves. Doors can come prefinished also. Doors also available in white oak and walnut.

Sizes :
2032 x 864mm6’8” x 2’10”
2032 x 813mm6’8” x 2’8”
1981 x 762mm6’6” x 2’6”
1981 x 711mm6’6” x 2’4”
1981 x 660mm6’6” x 2’2”
1981 x 610mm6’6” x 2’0”