Solar Photovoltaic

Manufactures – Trina Solar & Joule Pulsa.

All products supplied by Carroll Eco Systems come with extensive manufacturers warranties and comply with all relevant international standards.

Why Solar Photovoltaic?

Environmental concerns are growing and interest in environmental issues is increasing and the idea of generating electricity with less pollution is becoming more and more attractive. Unlike conventional generation systems, power from the solar photovoltaic energy is available at no cost. And solar PV energy systems generate electricity pollution-free and can easily be installed on the roof of residential building.
Solar PV generates DC electricity and uses inverter technology to change it to AC electricity for use all around your home. A correctly designed Solar PV System
• Free, Guaranteed Electricity: Our Solar PV systems carry a 20 year guarantee, meaing you’ll be getting free electricity guaranteed over that period.
• Heating your water: As well as producing electricity for use all around the home, when there is an excess of supply, it will heat your water before being exported to the grid.
• Saves the environment: Solar PV helps reduce the emission of CO2 and reduce the need for electricity generation from fossil fuels and therefore protects the environment

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