Mechanical Ventilation

Why Mechanical Ventilation (MVHR)?

The current Building Regulations require that all new dwellings should achieve an air tightness level of no worse than 7m3 /(h.m2 )@50Pa. Current good practice for energy efficient dwellings includes achieving airtightness of better than 5m3 /(h.m2 )@50Pa and best practice is less than 3m3 /(h.m2 )@50Pa.

In order to maintain any of the above levels of air tightness and provide adequate ventilation a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery should be installed (MVHR).
The MVHR System will extract all the moist, damp & stale air from wet rooms, namely, Kitchens. Bathrooms, En-Suites and Utility Rooms. The heat from this warm air is transferred to the incoming fresh air via a high efficiency Heat Exchanger and distributed evenly throughout the remaining rooms.

We supply and fit the Vent-Axia and Heatrea Sadia MVHR units.

All products supplied by Carroll Eco Systems come with extensive manufacturers warranties and comply with all relevant international standards.

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