Vent-Axai Kinetic Plus

Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR)

The current Building Regulations specify that all new dwellings should meet air tightness requirement 10cu.m/sq.m/hr @ 50Pa. Good practice would suggest an air tightness level of cu.m/sq.m/hr @50Pa and best practice would be 3 cu.m/sq.m/hr @50Pa.

In order to maintain any of the above level of air tightness levels a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery should be installed.

This System will extract all the moist / damp air from wet rooms, namely, Kitchens. Bathrooms, En-Suites and Utility Rooms. The heat from this air is transferred to the incoming fresh air and distributed through the remaining rooms.

We supply and fit theĀ Vent-Axia Kinetic Plus


This product has full SAP Appendix Q Certification and comes with a THREE year warranty.