Kingspan HP400

Solar Vacuum Tubes for Hot Water Production

Since July 2008 Patr L of the Building Regulations stipulates that all new build must produce 10Wh/sq.m (Floor Area) of Renewable Energy, ie. a 200 sq.m house must produce 2000 kWhr of  renewable Energy. One fo the most efficient and cost effective ways of doing this is by Solar Panels / Tubes. Other ways include Biomass Boilers, Heat Pump and Solar PV.

A correctly sized Solar Panel / Tube installation is capable of producing up to 70% of ALL domestic hot water requirements. Typical payback on the initial capital investment would be 6 to 7 years based on a family of 4.

All Solar Vacuum Tubes supplied by Carroll Renewables have a TEN year warranty.

We supply, install and commision on Kingspan HP400 Vacuum Tubes.



This Product has the Solar Keymark, SPF, ESTIF and EN12975 approval.